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Created 2-Mar-13
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This is a collection of waterfalls that I have visited. I enjoy the visual and also the differing sensations that they convey. There are the gentle bubbling falls which portray a sense of calmness and there are the powerful thundering falls that gives a feeling of energy, but most of all its the beauty and joy that they give to the viewer that is there main endearing feature.


I've watched a raging waterfall,
Roaring down a mountain side.
Spreading droplets in mist and spray,
Stand too close you cannot hide

The flying mist will soak you quick,
Stand back, enjoy the show
Rainbows of sparkling colored light.
But, hold on now, don't you go

You must wait until the night
When darkness falls upon the ridge
The spray emits an eerie sight
And ghostly forms are often seen
Far into the night

Jim 1990

James Casey

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